Aftercare Advice

After you have had your treatment you will be offered some aftercare advice.

Generally this will involve :

  • Some stretches to try to regulate stiffness that has been creeping in to your muscular structure.
  • It may also involve doing some hand reflexology.
  • You may find you have been referred on to another type of therapist to help you cope or find relief in another discipline.
  • You could also find you are being given the name of vitamin and mineral supplements to try to build up your strength
  • And ideas about how diet will affect the way you feel.

Most of us forget about this.  It is so easy to walk out and forget…. And its fine to forget, but, just remember that often, trying to implement some of the advice may well make the treatment you have just had more effective and lead you, more swiftly, to a place of control and glowing good health and wellbeing.