Complimentary Therapy

Therapist Sarah Ferreira Zanetti

Taking that first step to do the looking after yourself is often the hardest part.  

Once you realise that giving yourself an hour once a week or once a fortnight or even once a month – an hour to be pampered, balanced, treated and restored – will set everything else into a pattern of balance.

Complementary therapy is designed to complement western medicine.

In its own right therapy has far reaching effects which are often not quantified by measuring in a western medical sense.

Strangely enough when the body is ‘treated’ to a step towards balance, a step toward harmony, it begins its own path toward self-healing. As though the therapy opened the door and let the light in.

Did you know that the body is designed to heal itself?  Think of how intricate and effective the process is when the body heals up a small cut.  It is the natural way the body works.

Dis-ease – is the result of things being out of kilter.  Whilst drugs, surgery and more specialist treatments work when the situation has become acute and chronic, on the whole, we are able to effect internal as well as external health by listening to our bodies – listen to the pain, the tiredness, the gut problems.  They are signs that we need to take control and restore balance and harmony.

The path to feeling good – to waking up fresh and having a happy outlook.

Do start by taking your own well-being seriously.