OrielsGarden Products

At OrielsGarden we believe nature is free!

The potpourri is graded by colour – generally these are classifed as:

Pinks/ Blues /Reds (incorporating orange) and Yellows

Each box of potpourri is packaged personally and chosen with a unique combination of petals, dried flowers, twigs, berries, leaves. The gorgeous textures are crisp and different and create a little treasure trove of discovery. Each box is scented with aromatic oils – mainly Honeysuckle Jasmine and Lime.

As an alternative, a range of perfume oils have been developed to be sent in the flower boxes to add variety of choice. The fragrance bottles range from 15mls to 30mls. The main carrier oil is grapeseed and the combined scents are named as:

Jenevive – Honeysuckle

Elise – Jasmine

Vivienne – Citrus oils

Noel – christmas scents

Marguerite is Rosemary and Lavender.

Each are colour coded and sold in our Etsy shop, again for the cost of materials and postage with a small donation towards advertising and the upkeep of OrielsGarden.