Oriel’s Garden Dreams

The privilege of caring for and developing this beautiful garden is an honour that I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been gifted. The name OrielsGarden dates back to my own father, who named me after the African Golden Oriole whose magnificent song is worth hearing. It was through my wonderful husband that I was able to develop and expand the garden and each year, it grows.

OrielsGarden is very busy. There are many creatures that live here and many that help each other live. The bonus are the flowers and display they create – a reward to me and an essential part of the interdependence of the garden. We make our own compost and wood chip and layer this around the roots of the beds, trees and shrubs.

In 2018 I started to gather and dry flowers – at first it was grasses which were used in my daughter.s wedding but it then became a wonderful preoccupation which I am now wishing to share with the universe. I love to share the bounty of nature and dream that the love that nature gives us all will be carried with each petal to fill hearts and hopes with the warmth and promise of life as embodied in nature.

At OrielsGarden we believe that nature is free and aim to make our products as affordable as possible, charging only for packaging, postage and a very small contribution towards advertising and perhaps the garden upkeep.