Oriel’s Garden

Flowers are resplendent in this beautiful garden and my beloved hobby is to lovingly gather flower petals, leaves, berries, dried heads and leaves and dry them. Love preserved forever!

Originally I wanted to make organic confetti, but I felt the flowers were too special to do that . However, I continued to gather bottles and bottles of them, grading them by colour and texture.

I scent them with essential oils. Generally I use Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime as well as Lavender.

The beautiful warm fragrance of the naturally dried flowers combines in a unique way with the essential oils.

The scented boxes of fragrant dried flowers are a lasting and beautiful alternative to sending fresh flowers to someone who needs a little love or for a special occasion. Each box is special and unique in its combination of contents and scents.

Please send me a message. Firstly insert your name and email and in the message section please send me the name and address of the recipient. Your message and any other special comments.

Alternatively you can order from my Etsy shop.